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Sunday, May 02, 2010


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Debbie Elder

Hello Dolores, I am hoping that you will bring me a little happiness by having lunch together? If I can assist you with your project, I want to know how and would be pleased to help in Laura's memory.


Rock on!



Hi! Great to have you along for the journey. How about lunch on Monday? FB message some suggestions of where. Can't wait to see you.




Well Hello Blake -

A pleasure to have you join me on the quest...You never can have too many brilliant people around.

Thanks & Cheers,


Leonard Hill


You have a way with words that is an amazing gift, and Blowing It is one of your best gifts to me, even though I doubt that you had me in mind when you wrote it. It certainly brought a tear to my eye, while bringing back a humorous, yet somewhat painful, childhood memory of my brother (who lost his battle with cancer in 1993, at the young age of 32).

Back to my childhood memory.... It was summertime in Colorado. I was 12 or so, and he was a year older. We were playing football in the back yard, instead of doing chores on the ranch, when I spotted a dandelion in all of its glory. A "brilliant" idea was born, so I carefully picked it, walked over to my brother and cheerfully said, "Open your mouth, and close your eyes, and you will get a big surprise" (even as a child, I was an amazing poet). Remarkably, he actually did it, so I quickly stuck the dandelion in his mouth, and ran for my life. Now, for the poorly executed part of my plan (and the painful part of the memory). He was faster than I was, and he did what every big brother would do in that situation. He tackled me, and proceeded to beat me pretty soundly. As the saying goes, "No blood, no foul", so everything ended well. I got a pretty good laugh out of it and we got on with our day.

Dolores, thank you for bringing back that memory. It made my day.


Dolores McKay

Hello, Len -

What an amazing story. I cannot express how much I appreciate you taking the time to type it out for all of us.

It's remarkable how a singular moment can be preserved with such integrity and released with the thought of one symbol.

Thank you again for the incredible story...I am sure you made your brother smile with you from a better place as you wrote it.



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